Role of Parents

     All parents are responsible for the children they create. It does not matter if you do not want them, they are still your child. Frankenstein's monster is no different. Although, he is not a real child, he was still created by him and brought into the world as his. Frankenstein still has obligations and things that he has to do for the monster. It has the mind of a child and has not learned how to operate on his own entirely, and therefor, cannot be abandoned and left on it's own.

     Dr. Frankenstein did not want his monster anymore because he felt that he could no longer control it and deal with what it does. If you relate that to the modern day, it is like leaving your child up for adoption , just because they have some type of deformity or disability. If parents just left kids that they no longer wanted and face no consequences, then it would be a more common and a much more problematic of a thing. Sure, parents can put their kids up for adoption if they're not reliable financially, or parents can leave their kids, but they still are required by law, to pay child support. Dr. Frankenstein is therefor reliable and held responsible for his "child".


  1. Impeccable analysis Logan! I completely agree. It is Victors job as mo's creator to take care of him until Mo is ready to live his life on his own. Mo was kind of set up for failure right of the bat not only because Victor left him but because he is a monster and although it may not be right people would have a hard time warming up up him. Mo didn't have a companion to live his life with. Even if Victor didn't create another monster for Mo, Victor could have been his companion.

  2. An intellectual interpretation of this concept! Not only was it an invigorating read it was also a profound analysis of how a father should act towards his creations. I agree with how you related Victor leaving his child to a modern day form of adoption. I also enjoyed how you said that adoption is okay if the circumstance permits; however we all know that the wealthy Frankenstein could have easily cared for his son. I related him leaving his son more to abortion because that is not suitable or acceptable in any circumstance. Overall this was a work of art and a masterpiece that deserves more praise than one can give.


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