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Do You Even Clone, Bro?

I think that cloning is 100% wrong. People are all unique and designed by God, so why would we make them ourselves? Just because we have the technology, does not make cloning right. I also feel mostly negative about the ideas of genetic engineering. I feel that unless it is for a reason such as, curing or stopping a disease, it is not acceptable. People will eventually manipulate and pay doctors to make their kids super athletes or super smart and all of humanity will eventually become a bunch of super humans that ruin competition and diversity. As Syndome said in The Incredibles, "When everyone is super, then no one will be." He is totally right. When everyone is super smart and athletic, the world will have no need for doctors or athletes, because you could be your own doctor. We need to keep humans as we are because God created us perfect and in His image.

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